My remote control no longer seems to be charging very well? What should I do?

Usually it is the battery. Batteries only charge and discharge so many times before they need to be replaced. If the battery itself is slightly swollen you can be 100% certain this is the cause. Give us a call or email to make sure we have a replacement in stock (we usually do)

Everything works except I have no picture…

The quickest fix is to unplug the power from the cable box or satellite receiver, wait a few minutes, plug it back in, wait until it re-boots and proceed as usual. If this does not work, give our service manager a call and we will do a more extensive troubleshooting procedure with you over the phone, and if needed (rarely) we will dispatch a technician ASAP.

Why do we have black bars on out TV screen sometimes?

Television programs and movies are produced with different aspect ratios – some are wider than others essentially. If your TV is properly set up you will see things as the director intended. Of course your TV is only 1 aspect ratio, so sometimes black bars will be visible.


 My System Broke and it’s only 4 Years Old – Why?

The short answer is everything breaks eventually. If you look around back of any car dealership you will see more guys fixing cars than are selling cars. The vast majority of equipment we sell lasts for at least 10 years. Some electronic brands are better than others and that is why we no longer sell Runco for instance, Runco products simply do not last. Marantz however does, 99% of the Marantz product we have sold has lasted more than 10 years, some of it coming up on it’s 20th birthday.

When something does break down give us a call and our service manager will know what the best course of action is to quickly remedy the situation. Sometimes this means new equipment, sometimes getting it repaired is the best option.


Why Can’t I  Hear the Surround Sound Speakers?

First thing to try – put in a MODERN movie (2005 and newer) into a DVD / Blue Ray player. Fast forward to a movie scene that will have some surround sound information – snow storm, wind, rain etc. Stand as close to the surround speakers as you can – do you hear something? Usually the problem lies either with the broadcast – Cable Company, or with the material itself. The cable companies do not do a good job of ensuring the proper surround sound information gets to your system properly and there is little you can do about this. Sometimes it is the thing you are watching – if you are watching the news there is no surround sound information to hear.

A properly designed and calibrated surround sound system should replicate what the movie director intended, and usually they are trying to replicate a real world situation. If the scene is in a coffee shop, the sounds coming out of the surround speakers are those you would hear if you were sitting in the same coffee shop. They won’t be loud enough to draw attention away from the screen, rather the sounds should surround you and give you the feeling you are in the coffee shop. If you are watching an action movie a portion of say an explosion will come out of the surround speakers, but most of the sound will come from the front speakers, sometimes fooling us into thinking the surround speakers are not working.

If you system was not properly designed or installed or calibrated you can have all manner of issues too numerous to get into here.


But the Guy at the store said…

I will let you in on a secret – the guy at the store is very likely trying to sell you whatever his sales manager told him to sell you (and everyone else walking in that week) because they have too many of that thing in the warehouse and need to get rid of them. Other tricks include:

Selling you the thing that they are getting an extra $ 50.  for selling this week /month / quarter

New model is coming next week so get rid of the old model

Management had a meeting and determined that they had to sell this brand for reasons only the board of directors can know about

Chances are also very good that the guy at the store / on theinternet / doing the electrical wiring in the house etc. does not know squat about the subject. They may seem to know a few industry terms / some technical jargon, but typically don’t have much if any experience or training. Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware.


What Exactly is a “Smart Home”?

This is a huge subject and a question we do get frequently. It can be as simple as a good universal remote control that allows the whole family to use the audio video system with ease, or a system that integrates the operation of every sub system in the building. Hot tub, lighting control, video surveillance cameras, audio video, home theater and more with a smart phone, hand held remote, tablet, computer, or other device – manually or automatically. Everyone has their own idea of what makes sense for them so we offer a wide variety of smart home systems.  See this section for more info. http://beyondaudio.com/what-we-do/


 How Do I Get 3D on my TV?

You will need 3 things – a 3D capable TV, a source of 3D material (blue ray or gaming system typically) and the wiring to support both. As of September 2013 there is still very little 3D material available (Disney movies mostly) and if you TV is of modest size – say less than 55″ you are unlikely to think it is all that great anyway. See our blog http://beyondaudio.com/to-3d-or-not-to-3d/ for more info.


How Come I Have to do so Many Updates?

Also know as Firmware updates, essentially updating the operating system of the device. The type of update and frequency also depends on the device. For BlueRay players for instance, it is mostly to combat piracy. You can expect this trend of electronics needing updates to continue and accelerate, it is the nature of the world we live in.


Why is my WiFi so slow / poor range?

The internet provider gave you a device to allow you to access the internet, and they did not charge you for it. Since we all know you get what you pay for, they have given you the cheapest possible thing they can get away with. Therefore, it works about as well as you can expect. There are ways we can improve this situation and we work very closely with these providers who do allow us to essentially “hot rod” the system if needed. It requires some additional equipment – not the cheap stuff, and will give you a better experience.