Manufacturing Partners

One of our primary tasks is sifting through all of the electronics manufacturers to find the ones that build products properly and are there to back us up when something goes wrong.

Beyond Audio is essentially product agnostic. We use the best product for the application – an engineer’s approach. The products highlighted are the very best in their class, and represent only a portion of the brands we offer. High value is our primary criteria.

Crestron Offices world-wide, the industry leader in control and automation technologies.
Control 4 Flexible solutions for modest sized projects and budgets
Trufig Revolutionary flush mounting system allowing varied products to have a consistent industrial design.
Bowers and Wilkins From small computer speakers, and headphones to some of the finest speakers in the world.
Triad Speakers Seamlessly integrating high quality sound into beautiful spaces. If it can be built, Triad can build it.
Stewart Film Screen Academy award winning projection screens. Far and away the world leader in projection screen technologies.
Meridian Audio In the grand scheme of all things digital in our world, Meridian Audio has long been at the forefront.

If you want to know more about any of our partners, or see some of their products in action, please drop by, we are happy to show you why we chose these companies.