Why Chose Beyond Audio

We know selecting the right Technology contractor for your home or business is difficult, and that this choice will stay with you long after the initial installation is complete. Everyone you speak with will tell you that they are the best for your particular project; how can you know for sure? We have seen dozens of similar companies come and go; here are a few of the reasons discerning clients have chosen to work with Beyond Audio in the past, and continue to call on us again and again.

Simple, intuitive user interface

Decades of experience have taught us what clients love and what they are not interested in. We developed an interface that works for everyone – silicon valley engineer or his family members too intimidated to drive his electric car. Read Bob’s review of our system interface here.

Technology integration & interior design

The best technologies meld into the home’s architecture and furnishings. Architects, designers, and builders choose VIA first because of our experience and approach to making technology blend seamlessly into the home. “I wish all the trades were as on-point as Beyond Audio”. Matthew Comber, Russell Hollingsworth Architects, Vancouver.

The most Award-Winning firm around

Aiming for excellence pays off. Beyond Audio has garnered some of the highest awards in Western Canada. Best Sub trade in the Province, Best Sub trade in the Okanagan Valley. Not just among electronics companies – but among ALL sub-contractors.

Enterprise-Grade IT

System reliability depends on robust network architecture. Beyond Audio networks are enterprise-grade, not the cheap stuff. We employ trained IT professionals; your system simply works.


It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it. Beyond Audio’s work is meticulous and we only employ people that are passionate about quality.

No Subcontractors

Everyone who works on your project is part of Beyond Audio, and most of us have been with the company over 10 years. A dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Focused on your experience, not gadgets

Our passion is seeing our clients enjoy using the technology systems we deliver. With over 20 years of delivering cutting edge technology systems we long ago outgrew the fascination with technology itself. Instead, we focus on the comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind – the things you really want. The technology is just the vehicle.

Brand agnostic

We’re not married to any particular brand. Because of our reputation, Beyond Audio is sought after by all the major manufacturers of technology products. That gives us the ability to specify the solution that’s right for the project, regardless of brand.

Client retention

Our clients come back, time and time again. Many of our clients have trusted us for their second, third, and even fourth homes. We love new clients. But we love our existing clients just as much, and it is this trust that keeps us in business.