The right lighting turns an ordinary room into an extraordinary space. It welcomes you home and keeps intruders away. It becomes something you can’t live without. It contributes to your physical and emotional wellness. It sets the right mood for any activity. With both Crestron and Control4 smart home platform, customizable control of all your lighting – and everything else in your home – is simple and smart. One button and you can setup with mood to your entire property.

Set a scene, such as “movie night.” Then press a button on your keypad, and all the lights adjust based on your preferences. Do you like to entertain? Set a lighting scene for it, like “party theme.” Then, your smart lights change to your wanted intensity to set the scene for a great time of entertainment. Lighting can change the entire look and feel of a property.

In addition to making your life easy… Lighting control also allows you eliminate wall clutter. Instead of having 10 light switches on your kitchen wall you can have 1 keypad and control they all with a few buttons and scenes.

When you walk into a room you have occupancy sensors automatically turn the lights on for you. And automatically turn off when you leave.