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Crestron Electronics has carved the path for technological innovation since 1971. We create automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives, making their day-to-day tasks easier and improving efficiency and productivity. We strive to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, constantly offering faster, better solutions that address the needs of customers the world over. With Crestron, you aren’t just buying top-of-the-line electronics, you are investing in scalable and customized solutions, gaining 24/7 global service and support, and sponsoring products that are designed and manufactured in America.

Control4, a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. Founded in 2003, the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security, and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home. Today, Control4® certified custom integrators work with home and business owners to deliver the transformative benefits of the smart and connected home: convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.

Lutron Lutron stands out as the premier choice for lighting and shading control systems due to a combination of factors that ensure superior performance and user experience. Renowned for its unparalleled reliability, Lutron products offer peace of mind, delivering consistent operation and longevity. With a diverse range of solutions tailored for both residential and commercial settings, Lutron provides options to suit various needs and preferences, from customizable lighting scenes to precision shading control. One of Lutron’s key strengths lies in its intuitive user interfaces, which make it effortless for individuals to adjust settings and create the perfect ambiance with ease. Furthermore, Lutron’s focus on energy efficiency not only helps reduce utility costs but also promotes sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses. Lastly, Lutron’s commitment to innovation ensures that its systems remain at the forefront of technology, continuously evolving to meet the evolving demands of modern living and workspaces. In summary, Lutron’s blend of reliability, versatility, user-friendliness, energy efficiency, and innovation solidifies its position as the industry leader in lighting and shading control.

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Lighting Control

A Lighting Control System can help eliminate energy waste and improve comfort by balancing the light provided and needed by occupants. For example a home may use scene setting to change the ambience from brighter in the morning to softer and darker in the evening. We also use motion sensors to automatically turn on certain lights when you enter the room and automatically go off after programmed amount of time.

Outdoor Living

When you’re in your backyard you want to take your video and audio experience outdoors. Have audio follow you around the yard or watch TV well out at the BBQ

Entertainment - Audio & Video

The music you love –or the latest news, weather and talk– will be available anywhere and everywhere inside and outside your residence or business. Your entire video collection plus broadcast, cable, & apple tv will always be just where you want them. Watch the big game in your office while the kids play video games in the games room. Start a movie in the theater, and move with it to the kitchen.

Climate and Security

Gives you the ability to change or check your homes temperature when you are away. As well arm or disarm your home from anywhere in the world.

Home Theater

Big screen movies are available without the hassle of going out. Control your own movie and not have to deal with noisy people behind you. With todays technology your home can turn into an amazing experience.

Wiring Package

If you are building a new house, make sure you prewire you home for the future. It is much easier to get wires where you need them during construction. You can never have to many wires in the walls.

Video Surveillance

Nothing is better then peace of mind it’s crucial to the enjoyment of any home. Our video surveillance systems allow you to check on your home when you’re away and see who is coming up the driveway when you’re there. View from your phone or even display it up on your TVs.

Window Shades

Touch a button or voice control of your window treatments, in one or any combination of rooms, to ensure the perfect balance of natural light, privacy, and climate control. If you wish we can open and close them by time of day or preset timers, always keeping your home comfortable.