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Big-Picture Expertise and Personal Attention

Since 1995, throughout the Okanagan Valley and beyond, we have been providing customers with systems that are simple to live with, reliable and done right the first time.

Thousands of satisfied customers have enabled us to grow steadily while collecting local and regional awards of excellence.

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  • Is Technology Moving Too Fast?

    It used to be that changes in technology came at a manageable rate; the telephone took around 70 years to become ubiquitous. Computers help us develop faster computers… and this process is accelerating. Plus we have the infrastructure – the internet, to roll out many of these new technologies immediately. Nvidia unveiled the world’s first “superchip” this […]
  • Customer Satisfaction – Looks Like We Nailed It!

    Customer Satisfaction – Looks Like We Nailed It! Bob (last name withheld by request) has always been one of my favorites. Not that he is especially easy to work with (he is not), nor is he difficult (he is a pleasure to deal with actually) rather it is his attention to detail and crazy high […]
  • Help! Our system does not work right.

    Here are the systems we were asked to re-do in just 4 weeks between Jan. 13th 2014 and Feb. 13th 2014. This unfortunately has been going on for years. We are sometimes told our solutions are too expensive; customers then go elsewhere hoping to find systems for less. Meanwhile our phone rings every few days with very unhappy […]