A kitchen in a home with a Crestron touchpad.

Experience Your Home Like Never Before with These Smart Systems

Home automation systems connect all of the smart technology in your home to create one seamless, easy-to-control system. Crestron is one such system, but it can bring much more to your home than convenient home automation. Crestron offers a series of premium solutions that can make home life easier and more enjoyable as well as improve overall well-being. Check out a sampling of the technology a Crestron dealer can bring to your home.

1. Natural Light

Human bodies are programmed to respond to natural light since a person’s internal clock aligns with the sun’s schedule. Getting more natural light can improve your mood, restfulness, and overall health and well-being. Motorized shades are a great way to incorporate natural light into your home, but artificial light can mimic sunlight if your home’s windows are placed poorly.

Crestron’s SolarSync Photosensor helps strike that perfect balance between natural and artificial light. When your home lacks natural light, the sensor will signal to your smart lights to fill in the gap. When airy sunlight fills your home, artificial lights won’t shine as brightly.

2. Security

Crestron understands the importance of keeping your home and family safe, which is why security is a priority in the platform. Crestron has many cameras to choose from and works with major security camera brands. Easily tune into your security camera’s live stream to check on your property and get alerts whenever there’s suspicious activity.

Crestron’s home access feature also makes it easy to see what doors and entrances are unlocked. With a tap of a button, you can lock or unlock all entrances or choose to lock certain doors. The 2N door station uses video to allow you to see who’s at your doorstep right from your phone or home control interface. 

3. Climate Control

Your home’s temperature can affect your health and mood. With Crestron’s Horizon smart thermostats, you’ll be able to control your home’s climate from the sleek thermostat, your phone, or your control dashboard. You can set your thermostat on a timer to change the temperature throughout the day, such as when you wake up, when you leave for work, and before you go to bed. This way, you know your home’s temperature will always be exactly where you need it. 

Plus, you can have multiple zones throughout your home. So, if you want your upstairs bedrooms to be warmer than the downstairs basement, just set each zone’s temperature and let the Horizon thermostat do the work for you.

Are you ready to experience the power, convenience, and sheer luxury of a Crestron home? Contact Beyond Audio today! Our expert team can help install the solutions you need in your Scottsdale, AZ, home to elevate your lifestyle.