A Control4 system touchpad on someone’s bedside table.

5 Features You’ll Love About a Control4 System

Achieve Seamless Control, Enhanced Security, and Improved Entertainment in Your Home

Imagine a home control system that not only allows you to manage your home but also works to improve your life every day. With a Control4 system, you’ll get effortless control over all of your technology, but you’ll also get other features that enhance security, home entertainment, and lighting. Keep reading to check out five key features of Control4 and see how they can elevate your Scottsdale, AZ, home.

A Control4 touchscreen on a table in a home.

Pushing the Boundaries of Smart Home Living

Explore the Customized Features of a Control4 Smart Home

At Beyond Audio, we’re passionate about providing unprecedented ease of living and a luxurious lifestyle to our clients in Paradise Valley, AZ. Our 90-plus years of combined experience ensures we’ve tested the waters and have a deep understanding of technology, even as it continues to advance at a record pace. 

To ensure we exceed our client’s expectations, we partner with Control4, the leading innovator in smart home automation. The brand is world-renowned for its easy-to-use platform and continual advancements in the field. 

Let’s explore what a Control4 system offers and how it’s helping us push the boundaries of smart home living.