Whole-Home Harmony: The Power of Distributed Audio

In today’s technology-driven world, the way we enjoy audio has evolved beyond standalone speakers in individual rooms. Distributed audio, also known as whole-house audio or multi-room audio, has emerged as a sophisticated solution that transforms the way we experience sound in our homes. With seamless audio integration and zone independence, distributed audio systems provide an unparalleled audio experience that transcends traditional setups. In this article, we explore how distributed audio creates harmony through seamless integration and offers the freedom of zone independence, elevating the audio landscape in our living spaces.

Beyond Audio

Individual Customer Support

As homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona, continue to embrace the convenience and luxury of home automation, the demand for reliable and trustworthy home automation companies has never been higher. While there are many companies to choose from, it’s important to consider the size of the company when making your decision.

While larger companies may offer more resources and a wider range of products, there are risks associated with choosing a company that has grown too big. One of the biggest risks is that as companies grow, they may lose sight of their customers and their needs. This can lead to a decline in customer service and a lack of attention to detail. You will also get a different tech visit your home at a service call and not know anything about you or your system.

At BeyondAudio, we believe that staying true to our roots as a smaller, local company has allowed us to maintain our commitment to white glove customer service. Our personalized consultations and attention to detail set us apart from larger companies that may prioritize profits over customer satisfaction.

Another risk associated with larger companies is that they may become too focused on promoting their brand rather than providing quality products and services. This can lead to a lack of innovation and a failure to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

A bedroom with in-ceiling speakers and the Control4 platform displayed on the TV.

Explore the Many Benefits of Working with a Control4 Dealer

Enjoy the Convenience and Ease of Living a Smart Home Brings

Do you remember when smart home technology was a somewhat foreign concept? Those days have long gone, with over 60 million homes in the U.S. using smart home devices in 2023, according to Oberlo. For many homeowners, however, this experience is a somewhat disjointed affair. While do-it-yourself is tempting, you’ll find that, as you continue to add smart devices, from speakers to thermostats and security cameras, the number of apps to control them grows.

There is a better way. As a Control4 dealer, Beyond Audio partners with the industry leader in home automation. We customize your smart home and connect the many electronic devices and systems to the Control4 home automation platform. Now, you experience unprecedented ease of living and entertainment. 

Let’s explore what a smart home looks like in the hands of a Control4 dealer and how it’s changing lives in Paradise Valley, AZ.