A bedroom with in-ceiling speakers and the Control4 platform displayed on the TV.

Explore the Many Benefits of Working with a Control4 Dealer

Enjoy the Convenience and Ease of Living a Smart Home Brings

Do you remember when smart home technology was a somewhat foreign concept? Those days have long gone, with over 60 million homes in the U.S. using smart home devices in 2023, according to Oberlo. For many homeowners, however, this experience is a somewhat disjointed affair. While do-it-yourself is tempting, you’ll find that, as you continue to add smart devices, from speakers to thermostats and security cameras, the number of apps to control them grows.

There is a better way. As a Control4 dealer, Beyond Audio partners with the industry leader in home automation. We customize your smart home and connect the many electronic devices and systems to the Control4 home automation platform. Now, you experience unprecedented ease of living and entertainment. 

Let’s explore what a smart home looks like in the hands of a Control4 dealer and how it’s changing lives in Paradise Valley, AZ.