A Control4 touchscreen on a table in a home.

Explore the Customized Features of a Control4 Smart Home

At Beyond Audio, we’re passionate about providing unprecedented ease of living and a luxurious lifestyle to our clients in Paradise Valley, AZ. Our 90-plus years of combined experience ensures we’ve tested the waters and have a deep understanding of technology, even as it continues to advance at a record pace. 

To ensure we exceed our client’s expectations, we partner with Control4, the leading innovator in smart home automation. The brand is world-renowned for its easy-to-use platform and continual advancements in the field. 

Let’s explore what a Control4 system offers and how it’s helping us push the boundaries of smart home living.

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A Control4 Smart Home

A smart control system lets you manage your home’s many connected devices with one touch. Tap an icon on a beautiful touchscreen, and the shades lower while the lights adjust to the color of the sunset. Press a button on a stylish in-wall keypad that reads “Good Night,” and all the lights and AV equipment turn off, the shades lower, the doors lock, and the alarm arms. Truly remarkable.

But a Control4 automated home does more. In the hands of Beyond Audio, it becomes a customized smart home that automatically performs tasks and prepares your home for the many activities that make up your days. From waking up to working in the office, watching a movie, dining, and entertaining friends and family, it creates the perfect environment. 

For instance, when you arrive home after a long day, watch your beautiful landscape lights slowly illuminate and outline a path to the now-unlocked door as you pull into the driveway. You walk into your home that’s already set the ideal climate and hear your “Unwinding” playlist stream through nearly invisible in-ceiling high-performance speakers. You head to the patio, and the music follows you as you make your way to a preheated spa. 

As you can see, a personalized smart home knows your preferences and needs before you even touch a button or ask your voice assistant. That’s the true measure of smart home living. 

The Latest Technology

In 2022, Control4 came out with its Vibrant Linear Lighting system. This system offers diffuse accent lighting that comes in every color imaginable. The source is high-quality LED strips that are tucked away in hidden recesses. As a result, all you see is beautiful lighting that changes for every occasion, from indigo to sunlit yellow and every color in between. 

Tap the “Relax” button, and the lighting transforms throughout your home, mirroring the colors of an ever-changing sea. Tap the “Energize” button, and shades of yellow, red, and green appear. 

At Beyond Audio, our team consists of lighting, acoustic, and home automation experts—some of the most highly trained individuals in North America. Our passion drives us to pursue excellence and create a smart home that exceeds our most discerning clients’ expectations. To learn more about the Control4 system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Beyond Audio today.