Woman walking downstairs and passing by a Crestron control on the wall.

Why Arizona Homeowners Are Investing in Smart Technology

Have you ever sat down and thought about how much technology has already impacted your daily life? Beyond phones and desktop computers—nowadays, technology can turn off the lights, lock the front door, and make a grocery list, and it still continues to evolve. One of the most significant ways technology has developed today is through smart home automation systems.

Continue reading to explore five reasons why Paradise Valley, AZ, residents are turning to smart home automation

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Centralized Controls

Controlling the many technology components in your house from a single centralized device is a significant benefit of smart home automation. Brands like Crestron and Control4 have revolutionized the smart home industry. You can operate smart devices from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, a remote, or a specialized touchscreen. Work with a valued technology provider such as Beyond Audio to help you integrate your smart devices into one unit for seamless control.

Flexibility to Grow

With smart technology, you don’t have to buy all components simultaneously. Instead, you may start small with your most significant need first, such as home security. Then, after some time passes, you could add automated lighting solutions. Smart home automation allows you to add on features as you decide. This flexibility also makes it possible to have the latest and greatest technology as it becomes available.


Home security solutions are a popular choice when implementing smart home automation. They can include surveillance cameras, motion-activated lighting, and remote monitoring capabilities. In addition, home security can be integrated into indoor and outdoor areas and offer homeowners extra peace of mind.

Remote Access

As mentioned above, homeowners can access their smart home automation from a smartphone or tablet. This accessibility provides a flexible way to access certain features when you are away from home, including unlocking the door for a visitor, turning off lights, or checking in on things via your home security system.

Increased Energy Efficiency 

One of the benefits of smart home automation is an opportunity to lower your monthly utility bills through more efficient energy consumption. Smart climate control, for instance, can help keep your home at a temperature that saves resources while you’re away and adjusts to a more comfortable temperature right before you return. Motorized shades can also be helpful by adapting to the sun’s rays that often heat our homes and cause air conditioners to work harder. But, by programming the motorized shades to lower during peak sunlight hours, you can help save resources and the work of your HVAC unit.

Of course, these are just five reasons why homeowners choose to invest in smart home automation solutions in Paradise Valley, AZ. If you want to learn more about available smart devices, contact us. We would love to help you get started with a new, easier way of living!