Focal floor-standing loudspeaker in the corner of a room.

These High-Fidelity Speakers Will Transform Your Home’s Listening Experience

Music, movies, news, our favorite TV series—when you think about it, there’s rarely a moment that we’re not listening to some form of audio. It fills our days to the point that it’s easy to ignore it, a background noise that intercedes into our conscious awareness every now and then. 

We owe ourselves more than that. 

At Beyond Audio, we partner with high-fidelity brands that have made it their mission to deliver sound as the artist intended. You hear every detail, from the deepest bass to the highest treble, lifelike special effects, and the emotional timbre in an actor’s whispers. It’s a sound that catches your breath and makes you listen.

One of these brands that has transformed the listening experience in many of our discerning clients’ homes is Focal. Let’s explore what Focal home speakers can bring to your home in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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The Focal Difference

France-based Focal has been designing high-fidelity audio systems for about 44 years. Since then, they have constantly invested in acoustic research, breaking boundaries and becoming the benchmark for the best in sound technology. Their intention from the beginning was to deliver every nuance and discover new levels of emotion, and they succeeded. 

Their expansive lines offer the perfect solution for every experience, including home cinemas, whole-home audio, the designated listening room, and outdoor audio. No matter your preference, you’ll enjoy a genuinely unique listening experience—the ultimate audio pleasure. 

High-Fidelity Sound Defined

Do you appreciate the beautiful finishes and craftsmanship that go into premier floor-standing loudspeakers? Focal takes it up a notch with a dedicated cabinet-making facility headed by experts in fine wood finishes. This refinement is seen in all Focal home speakers and is particularly evident in their flagship Utopia III Evo line. Their 4-way floor-standing Grand Utopia EM boasts the latest innovations and demonstrates the pinnacle of their achievements in clarity, depth, and power.

However, the trickle-down technology ensures all their speakers include the advancements and high-quality materials that set them apart. This includes proprietary inverted dome tweeters, electro-magnet woofers, and state-of-the-art cone technology. The result is little distortion, even at high frequencies. Any of their luxury lines adds beauty and intense listening pleasure to your home. 

Focal’s Architectural & Home Theater Speakers

Focal’s on-wall, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers provide the perfect solution for a whole-home audio system. These systems deliver high-fidelity, breathtaking music and audio to one or every room of your home without marring your home’s aesthetics.

Focal also offers surround sound and Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers designed for home theaters. These provide an immersive surround sound experience in crystal-clear high-performance audio. 

We know it’s a lot to consider, and we’ve only touched the surface. Focal truly delivers a speaker for every room and occasion—even yachts and cars! At Beyond Audio, we are your premier go-to dealer for Focal home speakers in the Scottsdale, AZ, area. We’ll explore your unique needs and help you choose the best line for your home and budget. To learn more about Focal home speakers or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Beyond Audio today.