Photo of a beautiful in-ground pool at dusk with lounge chairs beside it with a home featuring interior and exterior lighting in the background.

Outdoor High-End Audio Provides a Simple, Convenient Solution for Spending More Time Outside 

Does this predicament sound familiar? You want to spend more time in the backyard of your Scottsdale, AZ, home, but the best of your entertainment equipment is inside. At Beyond Audio, we understand this predicament and would be thrilled to bring you an outdoor sound system capable of solving all (or at least most) of your problems. 

Connecting audio outside and using equipment explicitly meant for outdoor use opens up a world of possibilities for your once-boring backyard. Keep reading to discover the benefits of a high-quality outdoor sound system!

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The Benefits of Outdoor Sound

The perks of outdoor audio differ for all of our clients, but the Beyond Audio team can all but guarantee the following benefits of installing an outdoor sound system.

Improved Sound Quality

Chances are, you’ve taken your indoor speakers outside in an attempt to listen to your favorite podcast or music and noticed you couldn’t hear anything without blasting them. A high-quality outdoor system provides better sound quality than your indoor speakers (or your cell phone), as they’re meant to provide full-bodied sound in open spaces. With speakers specifically designed for outdoor use, you can better appreciate the nuances of your music and enjoy a more immersive listening experience.

Increased Volume

Let’s circle back to blasting your indoor or low-quality outdoor speakers. Our services will deliver a sound system that produces higher volumes without distorting the sound. You never have to sacrifice quality when your favorite bop comes on at the block party barbecue you agreed to host. Also, because the sound is directional, the neighbors that couldn’t make it, went home early, or didn’t get an invite won’t be bothered by the rise in volume. 


Your outdoor sound system can easily outlast anything interior product you bring outside to listen to audio. We work with brands that utilize materials that can withstand exposure to the elements, requiring less maintenance and lasting longer than low-quality or systems not intended for outdoor use. 


We want your outdoor system to meet your specific needs. Like most home automation options, your speakers should be completely customizable. You choose the brand, number, type, style, and placement, and we’ll ensure to configure a design that works with your landscaping while providing sound coverage throughout your yard. 

Enhanced Entertainment

Your brand-new sound system will enhance the entertainment value of your outdoor living space. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a relaxing evening at home, your exterior speakers can provide the perfect soundtrack to your outdoor experience.

Outdoor Speakers and Beyond Audio

Let the Beyond Audio team give you an outdoor sound system that will significantly improve your outdoor living experience by providing better sound quality, volume, durability, flexibility, and entertainment. Contact our team today to get started just in time for the change of seasons!