A wall-mounted Crestron interface outside a luxury bathroom. 

What Makes a Home Automation Company Rise Above the Competition? Just Ask Beyond Audio!

If you have been looking for a home automation company in Scottsdale, AZ, you may wonder how to weed out sub-par companies from the cream of the crop. Some boast about their exclusive brand partnerships, while others will show you previous projects. Some may even focus on their customer service and support. You should know that very few of them, if any, have what it takes to automate your smart home for a truly luxurious living experience. 

As our name indicates, Beyond Audio is about a whole lot more than AV systems. Read on to find out what makes us a premier local automation company and discover everything we do to provide exceptional client experiences.

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Who Are Our Brand Partners?

In home automation, brands and systems design matter. Sure, you could go for a store-bought smart device and watch it turn on and off to the sound of your voice, but there is so much more is possible with a professionally designed smart home system.

As a certified Crestron dealer, Beyond Audio gives you access to the Crestron Home OS, an automation platform from which to control your entire smart home and all of its connected devices. That means security, surveillance, audio, video, access, and lighting control are all just a tap away on your smartphone or an on-wall touchscreen. Best of all, comfort and convenience translate to efficiency. Whether it is a highly efficient, integrated climate control system or building a LEED platinum-certified home from the ground up, our team knows how to get it done well and on schedule.

The References & Expertise 

It is one thing to have finished a few dozen smart home projects and an entirely different one to complete thousands and win dozens of industry awards. We’re the latter. We have an extensive portfolio with thousands of satisfied clients. This focus on enhancing your life through a comprehensive approach to technology integration and automation has made us industry leaders. From whole-home audio to surveillance and access control, seamlessly blending technology into your lifestyle is our expertise.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Carrying all the latest products and having the ability to install them will only get you so far in Scottsdale. That’s why Beyond Audio goes beyond the installation process. Once we finish installing your new systems and your smart home is up and running, our team will remain just a phone call away, always here to help you troubleshoot and support your system.

Contact us today, and learn more about the benefits of hiring an award-winning automation company for your next project.