Family enjoying a movie and popcorn with their in-home AV system.

Explore how whole-home AV brings your home to life by encouraging easy entertainment, reducing clutter, and more!

Adding a whole-home AV system to your Scottsdale, AZ, home is an ideal way to bring new life to your living space. And luckily, having a passion for entertainment is no longer a lifelong sentence to equipment clutter and six different remote controls.

Integrated, whole-house audio will never interfere with your decor or fill your entertainment center shelving with bulky gear. Instead, it brings minimalistic but high-quality AV solutions to every room in your home. Keep reading to discover the standout ways you can benefit from whole-home AV. 

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Eradicate Equipment Clutter

Many Beyond Audio clients come to us for a solution to the various AV systems in their homes, frustrated that they have to operate so many different devices. Doing away with so many equipment brands and the endless supply of remotes is the first thing they’d like to check off their list. 

When you choose whole-home audio, you centralize your controls and your devices, meaning all of your source equipment stores neatly in an area that works for you. You only need one remote or a smartphone application to get things up and running. 

Consistent Quality

Fighting over “the good TV” is no longer necessary. A high-end whole-home AV solution feeds the same AV signals to every room in your house, so you can broadcast whatever streaming sources, music, or cable channels you’d like without sacrificing quality. It’s the perfect integration into any smart home setup

Listen or Watch Anywhere

Your whole-house AV system will source each video and audio platform to any in-home location of your preference. Installed speakers fit subtly into walls, ceilings, shelving, nooks, and crannies, eradicating the need for trip-causing floor cables. 

Video solutions allow for sharing cable boxes in several places, cutting down on clutter and potential complications. Instead, everything you need for home entertainment is available on one super intuitive dashboard. You can play pop music while you make dinner in the kitchen while the kids listen to rock in their bedrooms. One remote controls volume and content, bringing ease and convenience to your daily life. 

Easy Equipment Access

Centralized equipment solves many problems, from reducing that infamous technology clutter to offering sufficient ventilation for your gear to increase the working lifespan. Troubleshooting immediately becomes easier when everything is organized in one place, and if you require an in-house upgrade, your tech can easily assess the situation. 

Whole-Home Audio and Smart Home Integration

Whole-home audio systems are a significant part of smart home integration, helping your home create a luxurious lifestyle based on convenience and ease. If you’re ready to discuss the liberating options that come with whole-home audio, get in touch with the Beyond Audio team today for additional information. 

We look forward to helping you take the next step toward technology-based home comfort!