An open living room and kitchen with Crestron smart home touchscreens and the system displayed on the TV.

Let Your Smart Home Set the Stage

Smart devices, such as smart lighting, thermostats, and door locks, let you manage connected systems from your smartphone, whether relaxing on the couch or adjusting the temperature before you return home from work. These devices are often controlled via various apps—enabling a bit of convenience—but are a far cry from the interconnected, professionally programmed home managed by a whole-home automation system.

Are you ready to enhance your living in ways once unimaginable? Envision your entire home controlled via high-resolution touchscreens, custom-engraved keypads, and your voice.

Better yet, imagine a home that prepares itself for you in advance, with no buttons pushed or voice commands. That’s the “automated” aspect of home automation, achievable by our in-house master programmer and team of highly trained professionals who design, install, engineer, program, and service customized smart homes that define effortless and enjoyable living. 

Let’s explore the difference this level of automation offers homeowners in North Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding areas. 

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Whole-Home Automation Defined

At its most basic, whole-home automation connects your many smart devices and systems to a home automation platform. At Beyond Audio, we partner with two of the leading home automation brands, Control4 and Crestron. These partnerships allow us to select the ideal system for your unique property, needs, and vision, resulting in a smart home that exceeds your expectations. 

Not only do your systems communicate with the platform, but they also communicate with each other, creating a seamless experience and a home programmed to make life easier, more elegant, and more enjoyable. We’ll schedule your home to perform specific tasks and functions based on the time of day, your location, or triggered by the actions of other devices. Our specialists integrate a customized system that automates routines and creates enchanting environments for life’s many activities. 

Managing a Home Effortlessly

While every home is personalized to your unique lifestyle, many of our automated homes integrate the following smart systems: whole-home audio video, dynamic tunable lighting, motorized shades, appliances, climate, security, pools, spas, irrigation systems, and more. Press a button like ‘Entertain’ or ‘Dine,’ and your many systems adjust to the perfect settings. 

Wake to the perfect temperature, shades slowly opening, and soft jazz streaming through your home. Pull into the driveway, and the outdoor and first-floor lights illuminate, the security disarms, and the door unlocks. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

Whether you’ve hesitated at entering the world of smart home living due to concerns of technology gone awry or the entire process feeling a little overwhelming, know that, at Beyond Audio, we’re committed to engineering the solution that makes life easier. We’re there for you every step of the way, from consultation and creation to providing service and upgrades as your needs and technology change.

As an HTA Certified Estate integrator, you know our skill sets have been tested and proven for luxury residences 10,000 square feet and up with complex, large-scale technology needs. It also confirms our specialization in ultra-high-performance home theaters, home audio systems, and more.Are you ready for the ultimate in luxury living? To learn more about our whole home automation process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Beyond Audio today.