A woman standing by a window with a Crestron touchscreen on the kitchen counter.

Enjoy All the Benefits Smart Home Living Brings

Do you ever feel like your days are sliding one into the other? You wake up thinking it’s Thursday and find out you’ve lost a day, and Friday is looming on the horizon. Is time speeding up, or has the busyness of the twenty-first century taken its toll? 

Our to-do lists have become to-do books, and the promise of an easier life thanks to the latest technology has gone by the wayside. Or has it? 

While we can’t program your smart home to do the shopping (just yet), we can program it to perform life’s everyday tasks, stream beautiful music throughout your home, and ensure you never miss another sunset in your Kelowna, BC, home. 

By partnering with Crestron Home automation, we can make life a little easier and more enjoyable and leave friends and family awestruck.

Let’s explore the possibilities.

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Let Your Home Manage the Routine Tasks

Experts suggest we develop routines to reduce the stress of our everyday lives. But what if your home performed these routine tasks for you? What if your home nudged you awake with window shades opening, lights softly illuminating, and an inspirational playlist streaming through your home? 

Of course, the youngsters may prefer a dose of hip-hop to kick them into gear. We’ll program your home accordingly.

Whether waking, making a meal, entertaining, leaving home, or jumping on a conference call, your home creates the perfect atmosphere, from lighting to climate, audio, video, and security. 

And what about that Kelowna sunset we mentioned? We’ll program your west-facing shades to automatically rise as the sun hits the horizon.

As you can see, today’s smart homes offer virtually limitless options.

Enhance Your Well-Being

Crestron Home lets our technicians orchestrate your home’s environment. From lighting to temperature and acoustics, every aspect is designed to create a healthier environment that helps you sleep better, improves your mood, and enhances your energy.

Your body runs on a 24-hour internal time clock called your sleep-wake cycle. It’s affected, to a large degree, by natural light, increasing energy during the day and enhancing restfulness in the evening. We can replicate the ever-changing beauty of the natural world through tunable LED light fixtures and Crestron’s SolarSync photosensors. Now, your home mirrors the changing light outdoors.  

Peace of Mind

Knowing your home and loved ones are safe and secure offers an immeasurable benefit. Thanks to remote access, you can check on your home from anywhere. One quick look on your mobile device lets you know that the doors are locked, the alarm’s armed, and your garage and gates are closed. 

With one touch, you can manage every device. At the same time, you can take a visual scan with real-time views from your cameras.

As a Platinum Elite Crestron Dealer, the highest achievable level, we offer a team of experts who hold your home in good hands. Whether incorporating a few automated systems, such as lighting and shades, or diving into whole-home automation, you’re guaranteed a home that defines reliable and awe-inspiring luxury living. 

To learn more about the nearly limitless possibilities with Crestron Home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Beyond Audio today.