A living room with a couch, TV, Crestron remote, and transparent Crestron shades lowered over floor-to-ceiling windows.

Crestron Shades and Blinds Bring Beauty and Ease of Living 

Imagine shades slowly rising, waking you with the morning’s first light. Throughout the day, they lower to protect your home’s interior from damaging UV rays and to reduce the glare on TV and computer screens. After sunset, they close for privacy.

At Beyond Audio, we provide our clients in Paradise Valley, AZ, with state-of-the-art home automation and audio-video technologies, making your lives easier and more enjoyable. To accomplish this, we have partnered with Crestron, an industry leader in smart home technology since 1971. Crestron shades and blinds are the top in their field, providing effortless control, beauty, and sophistication.

Let’s explore their many features and how they help our clients enhance their everyday lives.

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Superbly Quiet

The term “motorized” shades leads some clients to wonder if adjusting their shades will disturb the peace of their home. Creston’s exclusive Quiet Motor Technology ensures silent operations, long life, and increased reliability.

Unparalleled Beauty & Style

Crestron offers numerous styles and over 400 fabric selections, providing window coverings that enhance your home’s aesthetics. Popular solutions include roller shades, horizontal sheers, roman shades, and drapery systems.

Additionally, Crestron Color Match offers the ultimate customization, aligning the roller shade fabric to your home’s décor. The shades also come in transparent, translucent, and blackout materials, enabling our team to integrate the ideal solution for every room. 

Enjoy the beauty of diffuse sunlight and lovely views while bringing total darkness to media rooms and bedrooms. Dual shades enable both solutions on one window, while all shades provide solar protection and glare control and reduce solar heat gain.

Effortless Control

Crestron shades work seamlessly with your home automation platform, allowing you to raise or lower the shades with one tap on an in-wall keypad or high-resolution touchscreen. You can adjust every shade in your house using a single button or voice command, creating the perfect level of natural light and climate control. With a lifetime limited warranty, you can be confident you’re bringing the finest shading solutions into your home.

An Integrated Solution

Crestron’s home automation platform offers effortless control of your shades, lighting, climate, security, audio-video equipment, and more. When integrated, we’ll program scenes that adjust these devices with one touch of a button. 

For example, if you press “Good Morning” on a custom-engraved keypad, your shades rise, the lights adjust to preset hues and temperatures, and the TVs tune into the morning news. In the evening, tap the “Dinner” button, and the lights settle into the soft golden glow of candlelight, the shades lower, and your “relaxing” playlist streams throughout your home. 

At Beyond Audio, we believe that today’s smart homes are only as intelligent as the customization that considers a homeowner’s lifestyle, dreams, and daily activities. As a Home Technology Association (HTA) Estate Certified company and Crestron dealer with over 27 years of experience, you’re guaranteed personalized solutions and long-term support for your current and future technology needs. To learn more about Crestron shades and blinds or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Beyond Audio today.