A beautiful smart home with a wall-mounted Crestron control dashboard.

Live Your Best Life with a Home that Works for You

You work hard to advance your career, supporting your family, and managing your home. It’s only fair if some of that responsibility is lifted off your shoulders. Smart home technology can do just that by automating your home around your needs. Crestron home automation has the power to elevate your lifestyle by giving you integrated control over your entire home. Keep reading to learn more about Crestron and see how smart home automation can transform your home in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Increased Health and Wellness

Our environment has a huge impact on our health, mood, and overall well-being. And since we spend so much time in our homes, it’s crucial that it only boosts our mood, not dampens it. With Crestron, you can integrate motorized shades and smart lighting to create beautiful spaces in your home, soaking in natural light from the sun supplemented by artificial light mimicking natural light. 

Peace of Mind with Remote Control

Forget to turn off the light? Want to make sure the back door is unlocked for when the kids get home? All of that is possible with Crestron’s remote compatibility. All of your smart home technology will be integrated into one seamless platform, and you can access all of it from one dashboard right on your phone. So, whether you’re at work or away on vacation, you’ll always be able to check in on your home.

Enhanced Security

One of the best features of any smart home is its security. Your home and family are two of the most important things, and keeping them safe is the utmost priority. With Crestron, you can integrate a number of security technologies, including security cameras, smart locks, alarms, and doorbells. Then, you can easily manage all of these devices from your control dashboard or the app on your smartphone. You’ll be able to see what doors and gates are locked or unlocked, check video footage, and control home access. 

Plus, you can set “Quick Actions” that will immediately adjust your security devices. For example, if you have an “Away” setting, your doors will secure and adjust your lights and shades.

Optimized Entertainment

Home entertainment helps you unwind after a long day and is a great way to spend time with your family. With Crestron, you’ll experience entertainment like never before. Stream all your favorite shows, movies, and channels in 4K by easily selecting what you’d like to watch and in which room with your remote or phone. Plus, you can save your favorite channels as presets so you can access them quickly time and time again. 

Similar to video, you can stream all your favorite music by selecting the room and your preferred album or artist. You can even create listening zones, which are perfect for parties or family members with different tastes in music.

Contact Beyond Audio today to learn more about Crestron home automation and how it can transform your Scottsdale, AZ, home. You’ll experience complete control and peace of mind like never before. With the help of Crestron, your home is always at your fingertips.