Living room in a luxury two-story house featuring sheer motorized shades.

Cater Your Crestron Shades and Blinds to Your Family’s Unique Needs and Preferences 

Motorized shades and blinds offer convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced privacy at the touch of a button. They’re one of our most popular solutions, so we had to choose the right partner for them. Crestron, a renowned name in the world of home automation, offers a wide range of customizable shading options that can transform your living space.

From roller shades to draperies, Crestron provides an array of models, fabric options, colors, and mounting styles to suit your unique aesthetic and functional needs. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through customizing your Crestron shades and blinds, helping you create a personalized, comfortable, and stylish environment in your Desert Mountain, AZ, home. 

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Find the Right Window Covering

Crestron offers a variety of shade models, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. Roller shades, for instance, are a versatile choice and fit seamlessly into any decor, while Roman shades add a touch of classic elegance to your interiors. Crestron’s drapery systems are great if you’re looking to cover large windows or sliding doors. When total darkness is unnecessary, and you want modern aesthetics, Crestron’s horizontal sheers might be the way to go. Each model has its unique advantages. The key is to choose a model that best aligns with your functional and aesthetic needs and design preferences.

Let the Right Light In 

If you’re incorporating shades (as opposed to blinds or drapery), you’ll also get to select the specific openness factor. Openness factors typically range from 1% to 10%, with lower percentages blocking more light and offering greater privacy. How would this apply to your home? 

A fabric with a 1% openness factor would be ideal for a home theater or a bedroom, where light control and privacy are priorities. On the other hand, a 10% openness factor fabric is suitable for a living room or kitchen, where you want more natural light to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere while reducing glare and protecting your interiors from UV rays. 

Have the Drapes Match the Carpet 

Are you worried about Crestron motorized shades not matching your decor? Crestron has you covered whether you want your shades to blend with their surroundings or be a standout feature. Choose the hue you want, and our Crestron dealers will ensure you find the perfect match. 

Integrate Seamlessly Into Your Home 

Crestron offers various mounting options based on your window type and design preference. Inside mount shades are installed within the window frame for a clean, built-in look, while outside mount shades are attached to the wall or window molding, providing better light control and privacy. The choice between inside and outside mount depends on your window depth, sill space, and the light blockage you desire. With versatile fascias, even outside mounts will fit within your decor. 

Ready to experience the benefits of a tailor-made installation? Contact us today via phone, fill out our contact form, or start a chat. Our team is eager to help you create the perfect shading solution for your home.